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XmlLayout: Xml-driven UI Framework

Original description (05/2017)

XmlLayout is a framework for Unity UI which allows you to develop professional, fully functional user interfaces and UI elements using Xml.

Supports both MVC and (new in v1.18) a new (and completely optional) MVVM approach.

(Please note that the MVVM module does not yet support WebGL or IL2CPP, but has been sucessfully tested on Standalone and Android)

Web GL Demo

Online Documentation


• Utilise all of the functionality of UnityGUI through XML

• Supports event-handling, on any element (onClick, onMouseEnter, onMouseExit, onValueChanged, etc.)

• Create and modify elements dynamically at runtime

• Includes Intellisense/Autocomplete support

• Set default values to be used by other elements (e.g. visual styles) in a similar fashion to HTML’s CSS

• Easily retrieve form data from multiple elements at once with XmlLayout.GetFormData()

• Create your own custom attributes

• Create your own custom element types

Compatible with PC, WebGL, and mobile

• Includes TableLayout, a layout group based on HTML tables

• Add tooltips to any element

• Supports Drag & Drop events

• Supports an MVC approach

• (New in v1.18) Supports an optional MVVM approach

• Supports PagedRect! (Sold Separately)

• Supports DatePicker! (Sold Separately)

• Supports TextMesh Pro! (Through the use of the <TextMeshPro> tag)

Full source code included

Join the reddit community @ /r/XmlLayout/

Web GL Demo

Online Documentation

Please be advised that XmlLayout does not currently support the Windows Store platform.

Got a question? Found a bug? Have a feature request? Please get in touch with us through our subreddit or our support e-mail.

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