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Original description (03/2017)

VR First-Person Perspective binding Tool

VRCamera provides you to bind steamVR Camera to the head of an Animation character,so that you can experience the world in first person perspective in VR.

Hopefully this tool will allow any user to quickly and efficiently experience any character’s perspective and create more interesting First-Person VR movie.

—How to use—
1.Download the package,and then create a CameraAvatar.
2. Bind CameraAvatar to the head of the animation character in editor mode of Unity.
○Put CameraAvatar on the correct position of the character’s head in VR. And then, you can preview and end the preview by using the left trackpad and adjust the position of the CameraAvatar by pressing the right trackpad which has eight directions you can choose.
3. Bind steamVR Camera to the CameraAvatar.
○Drag your SteamVR camera to the “BindInfoManager” component which is attached on CameraAvatar. Let CameraAvatar control steamVR camera.
4. Open the animator of the character,enter VR,and start your First-Person perspective journey.

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