The Building Project – Exterior

Publisher: Artistic Mechanics

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

The Building Project – ExteriorUnion Asset Review5.0

The Building Project – Exterior

Original description (03/2017)

The Building Project – Exterior asset pack lays the foundations of what’s to come in modular building & urban construction.

The primary focus lies with assembling building exteriors in a segmented manner without limiting your creativity or imagination.

The Building Project – Exterior will prove priceless to any abandoned, horror, post-apocalyptic or fps type projects.

Included in the 3000+ prefabs you’ll find:

1700+ Wall variations
500+ Roof variations
90+ Door and Window variations
350+ Roads, Slabs, Curbs, Stairs etc. variations

200+ Service station props as the first theme, with more themes to follow.

All prefabs have basic colliders included and placed on obvious 0,0,0 snap points.
9+ Materials made up from a variety of texture, normal and detail maps all 2048×2048 in .PNG and some .PSD formats.
Two scenes, one as a demo and the other as a starting point for your build.

The Building Project – Exterior will be an on-going project with much more development to come. Take note Skybox’s in images are courtesy of Sky5X One

Lastly, please take the time to comment or at least star-rate the pack. All feedback will be considered for expansion and improvement.

Thank you.



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