Stages: Industrial Sci-Fi

Publisher: Glitch Squirrel

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

Stages: Industrial Sci-FiUnion Asset Review5.0

Stages: Industrial Sci-Fi

Original description (05/2017)


“Stages” are series of packages with modular constructions for your environment design.

This package contains modular parts for the construction of any structures or objects. All objects and models in the screenshots are built in the editor.


— Low-poly.

— Completely modular design and 100% reusable.

— PBR Materials.

— Ready for level design.

— Z-fighting protection.


— 84 models by basic concrete and metal constructions. With modular design – all models easily fit together.

— 102 prefabs.

— 16 materials.

— 54 texture maps (2048*2048px).

With Stages: Industrial Sci-fi pack you can build any levels, environments, props objects and more for your game.

Texture maps created special for Standard Metallic Shader (AlbedoTransparency, MetallicSmoothness, Normal map, Emissive, Detail mask and Secondary Details texture)

World dimensions:

Recommended characters height = 1.6 meter/unit.

Wall height = 4 meter/unit.

Door height = 3 meter/unit.

Window height = 2meter/unit.

Step offset = 0.1 meter/unit.

Since all models is low-poly, you can use this package to your mobile games.

All pivots are designed in such a way that you only need to set the grid alignment and start building.


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