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Original description (04/2017)

Update 1.2.2
(+) Added Static Emission for UI
(+) Fixed Unity 5.5+ issues
(+) Fixed UI some shader compiling errors (A “reimport all” in the project might be needed to fix this)

Update 1.2
(+) Added support for UI
(+) Added 2 UI Demo Scenes
(+) Added a new non UI Demo Scene
(+) Added a few prefabs for faster development (to be used as blueprints)

Note: Sliced UI Images not supported at the moment.

SpriteToParticles is composed of 3 scripts that use a Sprite Component as a emitter for the Shuryken Particle System. It uses the sprite pixel position and/or color as emission source.

Examples of use would be:
– Effects for your sprite character or items.
– Enhancement of backgrounds.
– Bringing life to static images.

– Full source, fully commented
– 8 Demos with different examples of use
– Works on all platforms (read documentation to check performance)

Try it out:

– Read/Write options must be enabled in texture import settings (Texture Importer).
– Mobile doesn’t handle well much particles. Try keeping emission low.

Please read the documentation and script reference linked below before buying

Scripts Doxygen Reference

Support Thread on the forums here

Please share what you make with the package! 🙂

The Demos use the awesome (and free!) art of:

Calciumtrice and Tatermand

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