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Simple Mobile Joystick

Original description (05/2017)

Simple Mobile Joystick v1.0
Based on native Unity 5 GUI System.

You can just add prefab to your canvas or:
1. Add UI Image to Canvas (Canvas Render Mode should be Screen Space – Camera).

2. Add to Image MobileJoystick script.

3. Add to Image EventTrigger and set events: “Pointer Enter” and “Pointer Exit” with MobileJoystick’s “OnEnter” and “OnLeave” Handlers.

4. Add another child Image to the Joystick Image(Stick), and adjust size.

5. Set any textures to Joystick Image and Stick Image.

Use “Force” and “Angle” properties of Mobile Joystick Script to handle your Player or whatever. You can find sample handle implementation in Demo scene.

Webplayer DEMO


Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


5.0 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Plug-in


3.8 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

5.0 stars – Asset


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