Save System for Realistic FPS Prefab

Publisher: Pixel Crushers

5 stars on Union Asset Review

Save System for Realistic FPS PrefabUnion Asset Review5

Save System for Realistic FPS Prefab

Original description (05/2017)

Requires Realistic FPS Prefab.

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This easy-to-use add-on for Azuline Studios’ Realistic FPS Prefab saves the information listed below in saved games and when changing scenes:

• Player’s stats, inventory, position, and current scene
• NPCs’ alive/dead state and position
• State of pickups and destructibles
• Objects dropped into the scene

It also includes:

• Scene change portals
• Checkpoint save triggers
• Ability to save to PlayerPrefs or encrypted disk files
• Complete, thoroughly-documented C# source code

If your project uses the Dialogue System for Unity, you don’t need this asset. The Dialogue System for Unity already includes Realistic FPS Prefab support.

Technical features


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5.0 stars – C#


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5.0 stars – Kit

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