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Original description (01/2017)

The Reptilian is a high quality, full-featured, stand-alone character that provides immense value in a convenient, user-friendly bundle. Ideal for AAA development and mobile devices, for scaly confrontations or sinister encounters, the Reptilian comes with dozens of customization options, with potentially hundreds of unique results.

This character is a stand-alone Morph figure and works with other MCS characters in the same project. MCS outfits and accessories not designed for this character may not behave as intended if they are applied to this character.

Features and Assets Include:
•3 Distinct Body Morphs
•5 Skin Texture Variations
•Facial Blendshapes
•1 Outfit with 5 Texture Variations
•Khopesh Weapon (dual-wielding also available)
•PBR Materials
•LOD Support
•Rigged and Ready for Mecanim

Technical features


4.75 stars – Organization


4.75 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Motion


5.0 stars – Graphic objects


5.0 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

5.0 stars – Asset

Technical review

Product modeled with an excellent quality graphic. The modular design permits a variety of configuration options, simply the user has to click on controls sliders of the properties. The end-user document is located in the package of the component in a text file. After of the import main package, double click the “Shaders” unity package, called of “custom_shaders.unitypackage”. When the import process finshes, double click the Character unity package and import your content, called of “Reptilian_sp.unitypackage”. Now you are all set to start using the MCS System. In the end, is a Asset very rich in resources and easy configuration. Perceived reptile tail movement, very close to the real.

Thello Victory

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