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Original description (04/2017)

Advanced active ragdoll physics complete with ragdoll creation and editing tools from the maker of Final-IK.

Update (Beta 0.6):
– 0.6 introduces the first version of the Stagger behaviour (currently only works with Final-IK).
– PuppetMasterHumanoidConfig for defining PuppetMaster settings for multiple puppets.
– Simplified default values for BehaviourPuppet.
– Many bug fixes and stability improvements, see the Release Notes for the complete list.

What can I do with PuppetMaster?
– Animate ragdolls
– Create biped ragdolls with a single click
– Edit colliders and joint limits intuitively and visually in the Scene View.
– Create procedural behaviors for ragdoll characters.

Overview Video
Demo (WebPlayer)
Demo (Mac)
Demo (Win x86)
Demo (Win x86_64)

Technical Overview?
PuppetMaster and ragdoll editing tools work with Humanoid, Generic and Legacy characters, ragdoll creation works with all biped character. There are no known limitations with mobile platforms.

PuppetMaster is fully compatible with Unity’s built-in IK tools, as well as Final-IK.

NB! If you have Final-IK, import the Final-IK demos from the “PuppetMaster/_Integration” folder.

How can I learn PuppetMaster?
Tutorial Video Channel
User Manual
Script Reference
Publisher’s Website

NB!The most basic learning resource for each component can be found by clicking on the help button on the header of right-clicking on the header and clicking on the tutorial/manual links in the context menu.

What are your plans for the product?
Similar to Final-IK, PM will go through a long beta period and enjoy continuous development for years to come. Development will be focused on ensuring the reliability of the product as well as creating new smart procedural behaviors for the Puppets.

Looking forward to working together,
Partel Lang – developer of PuppetMaster

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