Photographic Grass

Publisher: DigitalAntichrist

4.75 stars on Union Asset Review

Photographic GrassUnion Asset Review4.75

Photographic Grass

Original description (05/2017)

-The set includes 102 Textures and 160 models plants
-texture format tga.
-Resolution 1024X512,1024X1024, 2048X1024, 2048X2048
-5 terrain textures (2048)Smoothness(A)
Models are made specifically for the standart terrain
-For all plants made models that work correctly on the terrain(wind)
-You can use both billboards grass and models
-When rendering, no post effects were used
-The asset is made in the editor version 5.4 + (also included the asset for editor version5.6+)
-The asset is intended for the establishment of vegetation on the terrain.
-Demo-scene included
-Do not forget to evaluate the asset =)

Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


4.0 stars – Graphic objects


5.0 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

5.0 stars – Asset


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