Naval Cutter – 14-Carronade Cutter

Publisher: Hessburg

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Naval Cutter – 14-Carronade CutterUnion Asset Review5.0

Naval Cutter – 14-Carronade Cutter

Original description (03/2017)

High quality 3D model of a 14-carronade cutter which were in use in the French Navy during the 1830s. This 3D model is based on a scale model of those cutters which can be seen in the Musée national de la Marine in Paris.

This model is suited for desktop usage only! (not tested on mobile!) It comes with many separated and rotatable parts, all of them parented and ready for rotation.

A prefab with a helper script is included to hoist and lower sails, set wind speed, set wind direction, open and close gun ports, rotate carronades, rotate rudder, yard and boom.

The geometry of the sails is flat, to simulate wind they are set up for Unity’s cloth system. Raising and lowering the sails works via blend shapes (unfortunately blend shapes are currently not compatible with cloth, a quick smooth transition between wind blown cloth and flat geometry is done when switching to blend shapes which might cause a tiny flicker). The sails and flag uses a double sided variant of the Standard Shader. To make them work with rotatable parts some of the ropes are handled by a script – those ropes are based on the line renderer.
Please note that due to the complex nature of the rigging of a sail ship this will not always work perfectly: sometimes ropes will go through sails and sometimes cloth might go through colliders.
The Asset has a simple setup of deck colliders for 3rd person prototyping usage.

Size of the textures is up to 4096×4096 but it still looks good if you reduce texture size on import. The ship uses the Unity 5 Standard Shader (Albedo, Metallic/Smootness, Normal Map, Height Map, Ambient Occlusion).

Statistics as shown in Unity (shadows disabled)

LOD0: Tris: 124.5k, Verts: 107.1k – SetPass calls: 11 – Battches: 78 – Saved by batching: 76
LOD1: Tris: 52.2k, Verts: 49.7k – SetPass calls: 6 – Batches: 19 – Saved by batching: 49
LOD2: Tris: 22.0k, Verts: 21.2k – SetPass calls: 6 – Batches: 18 – Saved by batching: 22

Two included demo scenes show how to control the rotations of rudder, sails, gun ports and carronades with a GUI

You can preview the script reference here:

Script Reference

Forum thread

Please note: No script or any other solution comes with this package which would actually move the ship model or give it buoyancy! The included scripts support rotation of ship parts only. No additional artwork or water included!

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