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Myst Village Pack

Original description (05/2017)


[Myst Village Pack v1.0]

This is an environment art pack inspired in lovecraftian ambience. Can be combined with other packs and environment assets to create terror stories, fantasy coastal environments, etc being able to be used both in Top/Down or First/Third person camera games.

With near to 450 prefabs this pack includes all you need to create a “myst village” with complete buildings, pre-built rooms, floors, roofs and a big bunch of different pieces to combine or modify the existing ones using only Unity. To add more fun you can choose from material library to modify the existing prefabs easily.

In order to make things easy, a playable demoscene is included in the pack for a better testing experience.

There are also a lot of free content included in the pack to spice up the demoscenes.

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