Museum VR Asset Pack Vol. III

Publisher: IGIIID

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

Museum VR Asset Pack Vol. IIIUnion Asset Review5.0

Museum VR Asset Pack Vol. III

Original description (03/2017)

Museum VR Vol. 3

Ancient Asia Asset Pack

This pack contains a virtual museum environment filled with 23 optimized models of real world ancient Asian works of art. Actual ancient relics that are found on display at museums around the world were photo- scanned and optimized to be used in a variety of your Unity projects. This is the third pack from the series.

Museum VR Vol. 1

Museum VR Vol. 2

The pack contains a museum scene, set up for precomputed real-time GI. VR option is enabled. FPS mode is enabled. Flying camera mode included. All assets are assigned with a standard shader material, using 2 – 4096×4096 texture maps – diffuse and normal.

In order to have lens flare and FPS controller this demo scene requires importing following 2 standard unity free assets into your project –

Standard Assets

Lens Flares

Important : After importing this asset into your project, make sure to adjust your project quality settings according to instruction you will find in the images below, or inside the package. –

Main Features of the pack

1 museum room environment with columns, lights and marble benches
23 real world works of art from China, Cambodia, India, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Afghanistan.
Descriptions to all statues and sculpture pieces.
Average triangle count per asset is 5000

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