MS Vehicle System

Publisher: Marcos Schultz

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MS Vehicle SystemUnion Asset Review5.0

MS Vehicle System

Original description (06/2017)

‘MS Vehicle System’ is a complete controller for vehicles that use the wheel collider component. The system includes the following features listed below:

-Scene controller, allowing you to get out and get into vehicles in a simple way.

-Automatic and manual gears system for the vehicle.

-Controller for cameras, including 8 different modes of handling.

-Complete torque distribution system for the vehicle, allowing precise adjustment.

-Fully adjustable brake system.

-Realistic and adjustable suspension system.

-Simulators of trawl and air friction, gravity and rotation.

-Completely complete lighting system including main lights, flashing lights, warning lights, brake lights, reverse lights, among others.

-Steering wheel system for the vehicle, allowing separate control of each wheel.

-Fuel System.

-Complete mirror system on all demonstration vehicles.

-Damage system to the vehicle, causing it to be kneaded.

-Complete system of sounds for the vehicle, including wind sounds, brakes, engine, lights, horn, reverse gear, beats, bumps, terrain, among others.

-System that allows to adjust the friction and the torque of the vehicle in each terrain separately.

-Complete system of skid marks, allowing you to adjust the trail width, opacity, and color depending on each terrain.

-Complete particle system, including wheel dust, exhaust fumes, smoke damage, among others.

-And much more.

-‘MS Vehicle System’ also includes a sample scene and includes 5 demonstration vehicles, which allows you to test all systems.

-The asset also comes with several pre-fabricated objects (prefabs), making it easy to use the system with objects already configured.



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