Loxodon Framework Pro

Publisher: Loxodon Studio

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

Loxodon Framework ProUnion Asset Review5.0

Loxodon Framework Pro

Original description (02/2017)

MVVM Framework for Unity3D

LoxodonFramework is a lightweight MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) framework built specifically to target Unity3D. Databinding and localization are supported.It has a very flexible extensibility.It makes your game development faster and easier.

For tutorials,examples and support,please see the project.You can also discuss the project in the Unity Forums.

The Pro version is compatible with MacOSX,Windows,Linux,IOS and Android etc.Check out the Free version if you want to try.

Checkout the Free version.

Tested in Unity 3D on the following platforms:

IL2CPP is supported, however there are some gotchas.

Key features:
– Full source code;
– Mvvm Framework;
– Multiple platforms;
– Higher Extensibility;
– Asynchronous result and asynchronous task are supported;
– Scheduled Executor and Multi-threading;
– Messaging system support;
– Preferences can be encrypted;
– Localization support;
– Databinding support:
– Field binding;
– Property binding;
– Dictionary,list and array binding;
– Event binding;
– Unity3d’s EventBase binding;
– Static property and field binding;
– Method binding;
– Command binding;
– ObservableProperty,ObservableDictionary and ObservableList binding;

Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


5.0 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Motion (Scene Demo)


5.0 stars – Plug-in


5.0 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

5.0 stars – Asset

Technical review

Test in Unity version 5.5. Contain complete scenes of demonstration. Easy customization of functions and layout. Works very well with PC and mobile. Ease of use and deployment, combined with and effective distributed architecture, significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

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