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Low Poly Trees – Pack

Original description (04/2017)

This package contains a huge variety of different trees ready to use for your game levels. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time. PC & mobile friendly assets.

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446 unique Low Poly Tree Prefabs:

45 Acacia Trees
51 Apple Trees
40 Birch Trees
18 Dead Trees
29 Fir Trees
39 Oak Trees
54 Palm Trees
61 Pine Trees
43 Random Trees
30 Simple Trees
36 Thuja Tress

-All Prefab meshes are One Sided as it should be + you get Fir, Palm, and Pine Tree Prefabs with Two-Sided leaves.

114 Wood Prefabs:
34 Stumps
40 Logs
40 firewood

-All Tree and Wood prefabs have very low poly Mesh Colliders attached.

14 Other Prefabs:
5 Palm Leaves
3 Pine Spikes
4 Apples
2 Coconuts

-All Tree, Wood, and Other prefabs use single Albedo 1024×1024 Texture Atlas and 1 Material.

Also, you get 23 Bonus prefabs:
12 Tileable Terrain Planes
1 Tileable Water Plane
5 Hills
1 Mountain
4 Clouds

-Bonus Prefabs has Mesh Colliders attached except Clouds and Water plane.

-All Prefabs optimized to have as low poly as possible without losing quality and style.

-Every prefab pivot is at the center bottom of the model, so you can easily drop it on the ground, scale and rotate. Only Terrain planes use pivot at the corners for easy snapping.

Package also includes:
– .PSD Texture Atlas 2048×2048 file (Easy to change colors).
– Documentation (MUST READ!).
– 6 Demo scenes as you can see in the pictures are included + 3 Scenes to show off all assets.
All Demo scenes with image effects turned off was tested on Xperia Z Ultra and it runs smoothly at solid 60fps.

Tested and Works Perfect on:
Unity 5.0.1
Unity 5.3.0
Unity 5.3.6
Unity 5.4.2

*all Screenshots and videos are captured on PC build!
*music and sounds are not included!


If you have any questions or suggestions about the assets, please contact me.

Follow me on Twitter: @lmhpoly
Contact email: justinas@lmhpoly.com

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