Low Poly – The Complete Pack

Publisher: 3Dynamite

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Low Poly – The Complete PackUnion Asset Review5.0

Low Poly – The Complete Pack

Original description (04/2017)

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Low Poly – The Complete Pack

Low Poly Environment Pack for all of you that want to make low poly style environments easily.
All models are coloured by vertex color techniques, so no textures and only a few materials are needed 🙂
The included custom shaders support Unity’s Static Lighting System
The models are simple, so this packages is perfectly suitable for Mobile and VR (Custom mobile shader included).

This package includes 217 unique prefabs for different environments: Dessert, forest, winter, autumn…
– 60 Trees and bushes
– 25 Rocks
– 32 Different Cliffs
– 44 Modular pieces for quick level design See video
– And many more props!

This package also includes
– 3 Particle Systems: Fire, falling leaves and floating dust See video
– 5 Custom shaders for vertex color rendering and glowing particles
– 2 Large scenes fully decorated See video
– Day and night lighting set ups
– PostProcessing effects configured for nice looking results
– Simple culling by layer system for cameras
– Some StandardAssets are needed for this package. You only have to import these packages and everything will work properly:
-> Characters
-> Environments
-> Effects
-Deferred rendering path must be set up in the Player Settings for the Camera Effects.

Any suggestion? Ask for new models in comments and I will update it once per month!!

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