Low Poly Fantasy Weapons

Publisher: Broken Vector

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

Low Poly Fantasy WeaponsUnion Asset Review5.0

Low Poly Fantasy Weapons

Original description (05/2017)

Contains 72 low poly stylized fantasy melee weapons and shields as ready-to-use prefabs.
Each color can be customized as you want (read more about custom colorschemes).

Now with custom shaders, optimized for low poly models!

Weapon Types:
– Swords
– Swords without handles
– Spears
– Spears without handles
– Axes
– Axes without handles
– Shields
– Shields without handles

– Red
– Green
– Blue

– PBR Realistic
– PBR Simple
– Unlit
These materials use custom shaders (included), which are optimized for low poly models. All models work just fine with Unity’s default and other shaders.

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