Ekume Path Follower

Publisher: Ekume Games

5 stars on Union Asset Review

Ekume Path FollowerUnion Asset Review5

Ekume Path Follower (2D, 3D and UI)

Original description (03/2017)

You can make path followers in 3D and 2D (Even works with UnityGUI) creating amazing ways with curves or closed curve defining the velocity, time to wait and movement method of each point.

Works with Transform and RectTransform.
Different methods to start the movement and scripting reference to start and stop the movement when you want with your code.
Include the option of LookAt3D and LookAt2D to rotate the object to the next point, or you can select the option to copy the rotation of the each way point.
Look at the images to see more details.

Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


5.0 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Plug-in


5.0 stars – Kit

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5.0 stars – Asset


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