Ekume Easy Monetization

Publisher: Ekume Games

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Ekume Easy MonetizationUnion Asset Review5.0

Ekume Easy Monetization (6 best Ad Networks) (iOS/Android)

Original description (03/2017)

Monetize your game with Banners, Interstitials, Video Ads or Video Rewards of the most popular ad networks with one simple line of code.

NOTE: The size of your APK (For Android) will be only 2 MB most larger with all networks

Ad Networks:
– UnityAds (Video Ads and Video Rewards)
– AdMob (Interstitials and banners)
– Chartboost (Interstitials and Video Rewards)
– AppLovin (Interstitials/Video Ads and Video Rewards)
– AdColony (Video Ads and Video Rewards)
– Vungle (Video Ads and Video Rewards)

You can show ads or make video rewards with only one line of code for each network. For example you can do a video reward with UnityAds with: UnityAds.ShowRewardedVideo (MyReward); where MyReward is the method to call later of finish the video!. This is the most easy way to monetize your games for iOS and Android with ads!.

You will be able to create a chain of ads, for example each network in Ekume Easy Monetization has the function to verify if has videos/interstitials available to show, for example you can verify if chartboost has a video available with Chartboost.HasRewardedVideo(), if this returns false you can call an ad of Unity Ads, but if returns true you can call an ad from Chartboost. You can make this with Chartboost, UnityAds, AppLovin, AdColony and Vungle, maximizing the revenue of your game and avoid lose the oportunity to show ads to your players.

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