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Dungeon Master

Original description (04/2017)

The Dungeon Master is the level generation asset that does it all. The 3 main features are:

1- Lightning fast generation of random dungeons with multiple interconnected levels. Works both at runtime and design time! Works just as well for 2d, 2.5d and 3d games.

2- Render the levels as needed with the included dungeon renderer: load/unload only the parts of the dungeon you need.

3- Generate maps and minimaps automatically + has an included navigation system so players can plan journeys + maps auto update as players travel through the levels.

+ Preconfigure a part of the dungeon and let the Dungeon Master fill the blanks
+ Spawning system: spawn anything and keep control with weight and limiters
+ Lock/Key system perfect for adventure, dungeon crawling, rogue-like or metroidvania games: anything can be a lock or a key: an actual key for a locked door, a double-jump to reach a high-ledge, a mist power to go through fences, anything you can think of
+ Clean, fully documented code so you can modify or extend behavior as you need

And so much more!

Want to know more? See the website!

Want to try a demo game? Download it here!

Please note that at least beginner level scripting skills are recommended to get the most out of the Dungeon Master

Refund Policy:
Unless a very particular scenario justifies it, we won’t offer refunds because even if we refund your money, there is no way for you to “return” the asset and code. The end result is that you keep both the money and the code.

Take a look into the documentation, demos, videos and reviews before you purchase. Also, feel free to ask any questions at info@chivalrousgames.com.

Special release price of 60$. Price will likely go up soon. Grab it now!

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