Cover System

Publisher: Chaiker

5.0 stars on Union Asset Review

Cover SystemUnion Asset Review5.0

Cover System

Original description (04/2017)

This asset need for enemy or friendly AI to find covers from any targets. This system is good for 3d or top-down shooter

1) Your AI can know where to hide from the player or other Enemy
2) Works with NavMesh
3) Can find covers on different height levels
4) Compability with Terrains
5) Fast perfomance
6) Easy to use and configurating

On video showing enemy AI that infinitaly hiding from player (ExampleAI.cs)

Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


5.0 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Plug-in


5.0 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

5.0 stars – Asset


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