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Car Parking Kit (3 in 1)

Original description (01/2017)

Car Parking Kit helps you to easily create your own car parking game within hours with your own cars,props,menu,UI and car physics.

Please make backup from your current project before upgrading to 1.4+

No programming knowledge required .

Update 1.5 with great improvements has been released!.

This kit has own standalone car physics that customized for car parking games.

Also you can use this kit with other car physics like Realistic Car Controller and UnityCar Pro.

This kit originally built for mobile devices and optimized very well to run smoothly on every mobile devices.

This kit also has ultra quality Diffuse_Detail_Specular Map shader for low end mobile devices! and a beautiful Water\Sea shader that optimized to run smoothly on low-end devices.

You can buy/download these shaders from my products page

Update 1.1:
-New car controller with realistic behavior
-Smoother car control
-New bus sample scene
-Aded keyboard controlling on editor
-a lot of bugs fixed

Key features:
-No programming knowledge required
-1.5 hours step by step tutorial
-Optimized specially for mobile, you can use on any platform
-Mobile input system based on unity UI
-Run on low-end devices +30 fps
-Ultimate number of levels in one scene
-2 free cars with dashboard
-Load car plate(No.) from mobile sd card
-Mobile detailed specular map shader
-Mobile Water\Sea shader
-Full menu with beautiful garage
-Complete scene and garage
-Multi camera switch system
-Direction based car parking detector
-Parked car alarm system
-Movable/animated road blockers
-Add easily ultimate number of levels button in main menu
– Ring sport system
– Car color selection
– Best time for each level
– 50 levels for car, 50 for truck and 50 levels for bus sample scene that tested by games
– 3 Different type of controls (Steering wheel,Arrow keys and Accel)
Truck and trailer sample added in Update 1.3

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