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Original description (03/2017)

Behavior Tree Engine SDK
Professional Edition

Requires Unity 5.0 or higher. Currently released for Windows platform only. The scripting API supports C# only.


+ Easy and fast way to design and run concurrent behavior trees
+ Powerful visual editor to draw diagrams of custom behavior trees/forests and save as XML files
+ Two clicks automatically setting up all behavior tree node game objects and node C# scripts in Unity Editor
+ Simple scripting API to manage, control and access all runtime behavior tree component instances and properties
+ Fully customized behaviors accomplished with general purposed node scripting API
+ Hierarchical concurrent decision-making task solutions using multi-threaded behavior trees
+ Easy demo GUI to test through all functionalities of the Bt Engine API

Software Components

+ Bt Studio
A standalone visual editor application that provides GUI utilities to design behavior tree diagrams and save as XML files
+ Bt Unity Menu
Menu utilities embedded in Unity Editor to automatically generate and setup node game objects, node C# scripts and tree structures specified in XML files
+ Bt Engine Scripting API
The BtEngine class interface to manage, control and access all the runtime behavior tree component instances and properties in the behavior tree engine system

Performance Overhead

In order to implement parallel node and asynchronous tree executions and interruptions, Bt Engine was implemented fully multi-threaded. As a result, there must be some performance overhead as expected. Users should take care on their own to evaluate this cost when employing Bt Engine as their AI framework.

Technical features


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