Apocalyptic City Pack

Publisher: Vertigo Games

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Apocalyptic City PackUnion Asset Review5

Apocalyptic City Pack

Original description (04/2017)

–Part of the Extreme Pack Series–

– Unity 5 ready

This package combines 7 Extreme Packs into one massive Apocalyptic city building pack.
The package contains a total of 854 unique assets!

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The following packs are included:
1. Extreme Home Furniture Pack – 251 models

2. Extreme Flora Pack – 63 models
3. Extreme Street Pack – 95 models
4. Extreme Vehicle Pack – 60 models
5. Extreme Crate Pack – 52 models
6. Extreme Road Pack – 133 models
7. Extreme Building Pack – 200 models

– Pack includes extra street building assets
– Models include a texture, normals, and specular map.
– 1 Demo level

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