Airship LZ 18 – Imperial German Navy L 2

Publisher: Hessburg

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Airship LZ 18 – Imperial German Navy L 2Union Asset Review5.0

Airship LZ 18 – Imperial German Navy L 2

Original description (03/2017)

Detailed 3D model of a historic rigid airship of the World War One Era.

LZ 18 (Navy designation “Marineluftkreuzer L 2“) was an airship of the Imperial German Navy built in 1913. It caught fire over Berlin-Johannisthal Airfield and crashed with all hands lost.

The airship consists of two materials and several meshes: the main hull/parts, windows and the rotatable parts like the elevators and rudders. The model can be batched to use only 2 pass calls (when shadows are off)
The pivots of the rotatable objects are set and you could quickly rotate them by scripting.

• each 2048×2048 pixels
• Materials use the Unity 5 standard shader
• Main texture, normal map, a smoothness (A), metallic (R), ambient occlusion (G) map and a secondary detail albedo/decal map for the two huge markings on the hull of the Zeppelin.

Unity Editor Statistics (shadows off):
Tris: 20.0k, Verts: 24.3k

• Lenght 158 meters.
• Diameter: 16.61meters

Please note:
None of the additional artwork (like the clouds or lansdcape) shown in the video or the screenshots is included. No script and no other solution comes with this package to move, rotate or steer the 3D model or camera (like for example possibly shown in the demo video)!

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