3D City Run

Publisher: T3Dmake

4.25 stars on Union Asset Review

3D City RunUnion Asset Review4.25

3D City Run

Original description (02/2017)

3D City Run is a mobile, endless, 3D runner game. Avoid many obstacles and collect coins and diamonds by tilting your device and tapping the screen.

– Mecanim controller
– Break through walls
– PC controls
– Slide

With a very customizable environment spawn system, a wave spawner for cars, trees, pick-ups and houses, you can easily create your own 3D runner game. By scrolling textures in the opposite direction of the character, the illusion of running trough a city gets even bigger.
The project contains one character. He jumps when you touch the screen and moves using tilt controls.

– Character with animations
– Car, road, tree and pick-up models
– Tilt & PC controls
– Environment spawning
– Random car wave spawner
– Collectable coins & diamonds
– Start- Pause and Game over screen
– Fully working game scene
– Commented C# & PDF documentation

Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4

Technical features


5.0 stars – Organization


5.0 stars – C#


5.0 stars – Motion


3.5 stars – Plug-in


3.5 stars – Kit

Cost X benefit

3.5 stars – Asset

Technical review

The source code is simple. A development project is not KIT. Simple and clear documentation. (Version minor 5.5), Scene presentation errors in the functionalities and renderers. Necessary, fix errors. Run only in version equal or greater than 5.5.

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