2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack

Publisher: 2nd Studio I/S

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2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer PackUnion Asset Review5

2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack

Original description (01/2017)

This pack has a combined value of 56.80 USD buy it in this pack for 48.50 USD and save 15%.

● Beautiful Pixel Art
● 10 Different Worlds
● 9 Characters
● 74 Different Platform Modules
● 3 types of weapons for two of the playable characters (Bow, Shotgun and MachineGun)
● 6 playable characters
● 15 Animated Items with effects
● 120+ Animations in total
● 40+ GUI elements
● Promotion Art and icon

Ready for any game, with prefabs set up and an example scene. It’s perfect for a platformer or an endless runner set in a jungle, city or hell. The pack features promotion art as well. Six characters can be used as playable characters: Male and female ranger, skater or nonne. NPC’s are a asian soldier with a knife, a slug, and a pollice officer.

Playable characters:
Idle, Run, Jump, In Air, Landing, Attack, Hit, Die.
Idle, Walk, Fall, Die.

Health pack, Shiny coin, Flame Shield, Bullet, Arrow, Spray Can, Energy Drink, Yoyo, Flame, Purple Flame, Potion,

GUI Elements:
21 Achievement icons, Game icon, Splash screen, Upgrade bar, Upgrade and unlock graphics.

Note: This pack only contains the art assets.This pack contains these 6 asset packs: 2D Retro Jungle War Platformer Kit, 2D Retro Urban City Platformer Kit, 2D Retro Gothic Hell Platformer Kit, 2D Retro Urban Skater Kids and Police officer, 2D Retro Gothic Hell Characters, 2D Retro Jungle Warfare Soldier Pack.

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